Make choices that shape your destiny with Bitlife, an enjoyable simulation game. Face the hilarious and dramatic consequences of living a digital life!

Say Hello to Rebirth with BitLife - Life Simulator!

Get ready for a rebirth and redo your life with your own decisions in Bitlife! This simulated journey will take you to an experience that cannot be found anywhere else. Start a new life in a realistic and vivid virtual world. In this simulation game, you will have full authority to choose the turns in a stranger's life, and this character is you in the game.

Feel the thrill of making important decisions, from choosing a career to building relationships and managing personal finances. Each choice you make will directly affect your character's life, creating unexpected results and even memorable moments.

Or if you want to challenge yourself even more, you can play the role of a father or mother, adopt a child and take care of this baby from its first steps. From teaching and caring to deciding your child's future, everything is in your hands. Challenge your management abilities and responsibilities as a parent. Bitlife is waiting for you with untold stories and life-shaping decisions!

The Purpose of This Simulation Game

The core purpose of this game is crystal clear: it’s all about pure relaxation. Forget the competitive rush, the adrenaline-pumping battles, and the flashy gimmicks. This game stands as a sanctuary of serenity amidst the chaos. It offers a peaceful retreat where you can unwind and escape from the daily grind.

Additionally, this simulation game invites you to embark on a journey through the pivotal moments and milestones of life. Each moment and interaction is crafted to be a mirror reflecting significant life events, helping you to ponder and appreciate the beauty of life’s journey. Who knows? After playing this game, you might find yourself with a refreshed outlook on life, seeing it through a new, more appreciative lens.

Live Your Whole Life in the Virtual World

From the Womb to Heaven

Coming to the world of Bitlife, you will be accompanied by a baby from birth until death. Choose randomly or customize a baby to your liking to start this exciting journey. All you need to do is monitor basic stats and perform various tasks to ensure your baby's life goes smoothly.

The activities in this game are extremely rich and designed to suit each stage of the character's life. You will have to adjust the balance between activities to maintain stable levels of important metrics. These indicators will determine the character's destiny, from becoming a successful person to facing difficult challenges in life.

Your goal is to manage your character's life skillfully, making strategic decisions to achieve a fulfilling life. A blossoming life or a deadlocked destiny depends entirely on wisdom in choosing turns. Explore all the possibilities that Bitlife has to offer: study, work, build a family and enjoy the joys of life.

Overall about the Necessary Menu

BitLife's interface can be separated into two main areas for easy navigation: Main Menu and Important Headings. They support each other in an unexpected way when you can easily track both areas at the same time.

In the Main Menu, players will start creating a new life, track achievements, connect with the community, and check “the past life”. Meanwhile, Important Headings will be the main parts that need the most attention throughout the process. The specific indicators in these headings are:

  • Age: This most important section plays a decisive role in unlocking other activities. Each time you click this button, the character's age increases and opens up corresponding experiences.
  • Infant: This is where you track your character's key stats: happiness, health, smarts, and looks.
  • Assets: This section dives into your character's financial well-being: Real Estate and Cars.
  • Relationships: Life cannot be complete without close relationships. However, closeness indicators may also decline in the process.
  • Activities: Here, you can find all activities from studying, entertainment, relaxation, health care, and so on.

Can You Unlock All the Charming Experiences?

To have a better experience with Bitlife, players can refer to some of the following important milestones:

  • Start a New Life: The first important milestone cannot be ignored - the moment of birth. You can customize your baby's name, nationality, and city. If it's too difficult to choose, just create a random life to start.
  • At 18 years old: This is the time when you have to make decisions that directly affect your future life. You will study, go to military service, participate in elections, or work to make money, etc.
  • Graduate: After this time, a stable job as soon as possible is extremely necessary. You rely on the characteristics of the major and the character's personality to choose a suitable job.
  • Search for a Soulmate: Besides love, Bitlife also has extremely close friendships. These can be considered two relationships that can follow you throughout your life, so choose carefully.
  • Financial management: The important task in determining the quality of life is to manage existing capital. You can invest and entertain as much as you want, but you should know how to measure it.
  • Old Age Life: When your character gets older, you need to know how to adjust your daily activities in order to maintain good basic stats. Make wise decisions so that, when life ends, there will be no regrets!

Explore the Universe of Entrancing Simulation Games

BitLife is a unique experience that allows you to live a colorful virtual life with unlimited choices. From building a career, getting married, and having children to facing life's challenges, you will have the opportunity to explore every aspect of life in your own way. This amazing simulation game has conquered the hearts of millions of players around the world.

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Let every decision and choice in these games open up a new world full of novels and challenges. Have hours of relaxation and addictive exploration in this simulation game universe right away!