DogLife opens up a beautiful 3D world with peaceful scenery of the countryside. You will care for a virtual dog with a variety of activities. Only you know how to be a good pet owner. Join this creative simulation game for hours of entertainment that are not boring and are still extremely relaxing.

Explore the Gameplay

You'll start DogLife by choosing a name and gender for your pet. Then, move the explorer character around to search for quests. Once completed, the corresponding bonus amount will be immediately sent to you. From there, you can redecorate your pet's house and shop for other essential items. Besides, don't forget to check important indicators such as the character's health and energy.

This no-lose simulation gameplay allows you to do every possible activity. Have you ever tried to learn about your pet's daily routine? If you're curious, this game will help you answer it all. What enjoyable challenges and activities await you? Join the game now and enjoy your own relaxing time!

How to Control

  • The arrow or WASD keys: move.
  • Spacebar: jump up; press and hold to jump up and move continuously.

You can follow the map in the right corner of the screen to locate the character's location in its beloved home.

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